Sunday, May 22, 2016

Big Mythtake

I'm sorry,
it's all a big mythtake;
the Christian Church,
(with all the churchlets)
Islam, Hinduism, anything
you'd call religion. They
even mistake Buddhism
for a's not.

Fascism, Communism,
Democracy, any other ism,
trying to organize too many
humans into one group.

Mythos, mythtake, drawing
blind conclusions from part
of the elephant in the room.

Closer to the earth, less in
the head, peoples lasted
longer in places over time.

Now, humans all over the 
place, looking for, not
finding, the lost city of gold,
the Golden Age, before the
mythtake of progress drove
it all downhill.

Another mythtake; that knowing
more made us smarter, closer to 
reality, even while we cherish the
wisdom of the ancients.

Getting to the moon didn't help.
Is there life on Mars? Might as
well should have been. Science
even now trying to get over the
mythtake that earth is the center
of life....stupid geniuses...even
Einstein believed in God. So 
much for the predominance of
rational mind.

Still afraid of death,
still afraid of mystery,
looking for a clue in history.

We have a problem with time,
always have, not seeing the
present moment as the only
time there is we can know.

Mythtake builds on the first
double-take, double vision,
into an edifice of cards,
a monument of mental
masturbation, edited to delete

the only certainty there is.


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