Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome Back Russia!

For a while I was getting lots
of hits on my blog from Russia,
then, they stopped. I don't know
why they started...maybe because
I was writing about Trump, but how
can I know? 

Now, it seems, they're back,
looking in. It seems impossible
to explain human behavior, usually.
People themselves don't know why
they do things half the time, unless
they're wired pretty tight.

I got a flurry of hits from France, 
once and then no more. Perhaps 
they realized it was improper to 
be interested in an American poet, 
and went back to being French...
I have no way of knowing.

But I like getting hits from Russia,
being myself rather dark and slavic,
having grown up in my own Midwest
gulag of insanity.  And I'm sure they
don't mind that I think USA has 
become the disaster that it is; 
everyone needs their thoughts 

Of course, most of the hits on my 
blog may just be some bot somewhere
that has a sense of humor. If we're going
to have artificial intelligence, that  might
be the best place to start.

So, thanks, Russia, for showing up in
my statistics. Not many comments on
my blog do I see....Yoda? I just write
anyway like throwing balls at a clown's
head in a carnival. It's still fun, even 
when I miss.


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