Monday, April 11, 2016

Trump: The Faux Politician

Trump wasn't really a politician before running
for the presidency. He was an enormously 
successful businessman, and the star of a
wildly popular T.V. show, "The Apprentice",
which is where he learned to appear in public. is not of any politician in memory.
He is a showman, above most anything else.
He also tells the truth, as he sees it, which no
politician in their right mind, since Lincoln, has
done. The comments of his advocates in the
common sphere are that he speaks common 
sense...things that have been on Americans'
minds since I was in high school! In the last
national election, under 50% of eligible voters
went to the polls. Many people who haven't 
voted, ever or for years, are galvanized by 
Trumps honesty and outrageousness. Others,
the sheeple who think of Amerika the same way
as in the fifties, want Trump assassinated 
because they are cozy in their American dream.
And the power that is certainly does not want 
Trump as a president that will certainly try to
change the way Amerika does business as usual.

But a number of these same establishment people
are coming to Trumps side because they realize
he is speaking the unavoidable truth; that if the
USA continues its hegemony, it swiftly will have
a great  fall, just like Rome in the centuries after

What Trump represents is revolution. Power in
the USA is like Antoinette saying "let them eat
cake", as completely out of touch with reality as
that  decadent monarchy. Why, in an alleged
democracy, does 1% control what happens,
decisions that are made, policies that hurt the
common person? That's what the people are
waking up to. That's why Trump is revolutionary.
He's the only revolution Amerika has.


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