Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Things will turn out the same anyway"

Make a decision, just make it...
things will turn out about the same anyway.
Don't live in fear of second guessing...
the more mistakes you make, the more
you learn, and sometimes you can't help
but get it right. 

Listen to feedback, the cosmic guru...
be willing to realize when you're wrong
and change it, that's how the blade
sharpens. Go off fully cocked with  
a strong back and your eyes open
and moist.

A business plan is a pawn, but a good idea. 
Anything can always happen
and usually does. Even if you make 
millions doesn't mean that you'll be happy.

Halfway between playing the horses
and inheriting Fort Knox is where we
usually find ourselves, quivering with
anticipation, or, frozen solid as ice.

The kachinas are everywhere to tickle
or trip us. We should be a little humble
and thankful. Arrogance drives into a
wall at full speed. There is no manual
for life...rely on your senses...that's
how you got this far up the ladder.

Trusting your reason completely is
unreasonable...there has to be wiggle 
room for intuition, the inner guru. Trust
that more and life may become a 
circus, not a game of chess. 

How do I know this is true?
Well, I have a great sense of humor,
I just can't prove it.


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