Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shotgun Poet

I'm a shotgun poet
shooting off my mind
into crowded humanity.
If anything, most just hear
a loud noise.
If the words hit, the wound
to the heart is permanent...
the bleeding never stops.
Violent imagery.
Poets are revolutionary.
Some even ran countries.
Some recited on soap boxes, 
sang in the streets.
Some were killed by Fascists,
Communists, Democrats.
Some were afraid to show
their hearts.
Some were afraid to stop
selling insurance.
Many went insane.
Many found solace
in drug addled brains.
Establishment poets
sing platitudes, lull the
masses with sweet
sounding words, are lauded,
held high by their keepers.
Real poets are ready to die.
The bleeding never stops...
the heart's blood that quenches
the longing of humanity 


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