Thursday, April 28, 2016

Friendly Cosmic Rant

Seven billion people
not worth a universe sneeze
crowded together 
like yeast in beer
drowning for the same reason.

When asked about aliens,
my teacher said:
"Oh, yes, they've been coming
here for a long time."
He wasn't referring to 
the Enquirer.

All religions predicted this time,
this time we don't even recognize
even though we are in the midst
of it. Many of us are on the edge
of our seats, feeling the inevitable
is just around the corner; not 
because we saw some guy in the
street carrying a sign: 
"The end is near."
No, because we feel the street,
feel the phone call is coming,

Modern art tried to warn us of
the breakdown, the change, the
degeneration...we thought the
paintings and the music interesting,
though discordant. We thought it
was art, not communication from
the collective human mind, 
a heads up.

I feel what's happening in the USA,
though I live in Mexico...I'm glad I'm
not too close, in the middle of it. I can
see what's happening to people 
that are, and it isn't pretty...getting 
closer to not even human.

We are yeast in beer, but our minds
are much more...more aware than
they let on...heavily repressed so
we can get on with our yeastiness.

The universe shuffles the cards....
"Whose deal? Pass the peanuts.
Ante is one world."


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