Friday, March 18, 2016

Three Poems...One Day...All Crap

There's nothing much to say
about nothing.
Shall I draw you a bridge?
Feigning interest
in the stock market.
Current events
short circuiting.
Tattoo artist neighbor
stuck in his own pattern.
The plant medicinoids
came to a head...
unable to come to consensus
for obvious reasons...
trying to save the world
from itself.
Artists have painted 
themselves out of the picture.
The Pope infanta-sized.
Humanity reached its 
predestination, still more
still born into futureless present.
The greatest challenge is
to remain human.

Stay Away From My Foreskin (For Lee)

Stay away from my foreskin,
you got no business there.
I may be a Jew, but they
cut it off before I knew.
Foreskin, lost chosen 
piece of me, they should have kept
you and thrown away the man.


My output failed
due to lack of input.
I couldn't put one foot
in front of the other.
I had nothing to utter,
couldn't even stutter, 
stammer, lost the hammer,
the train of thought,
bought out no doubt.
Just words of nothing to say,
automation stuck with no luck.

Some would call this a poem.
I hope I never know 'em,
frog walk 'em to the ocean,
their bubbles the end of our 
troubles...could go on like this
all day...why not? No salary,
all the words are free, so,
sue me.


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