Saturday, March 19, 2016

Report: Ordinary Day In Paradise

Usual cafe, usual chatter. The lady from Australia's
interest in me is fading because I don't pay her the
right attention. Lee is not here, angry because he
didn't get the joke, and his tender ego was bruised. 
My grocer was drunk yesterday, first time I'd seen 
him that way. He's a wonderful man, but perhaps
his wife still finds a reason to hate him sometimes.
He  smiled and was friendly, but was not all there.
Later I'll go to Mango's. I hear they have a nice
hot dog for sixty pesos. Saturday, and the streets
are full of  people. My neighbors, tattooists, are
still moving in. It's still paradise...the jacarandas
are in bloom, warm with cloudy skies, last night the
arial bombs were plentiful, today I hear saws cutting
wood. Not much to ask for, and all I want and need,
except the tienda is out of V8. It might be days or
weeks before they have more. If this all sounds
boring, you should be so lucky.


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