Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Japan: True Nation Of Barbarians

Japan only became a unified country
a few hundred years ago at the time 
of the Shoguns, dictators that ruled the 
land with an iron thumb. The highest 
caste was, and is, the Samurai, warriors
that never hesitated to take life, for their
masters, for their tradition, for their honor,
even to the extent of taking their own to
preserve that honor, even if it was really
because their leader felt they were in 
the way. 

Japanese culture is not Japanese in origin.
A great leader sent his most brilliant subjects
to China and Korea in order to obtain their 
arts and ways in order to uplift the nation.

Similarly, during the Meiji period, Japan went 
from a feudal society to a modern industrial 
one when the leaders, realizing they could no
longer remain isolated, and couldn't compete 
militarily with the West, sent their best young 
minds to Europe to learn business, education,
manufacturing, and science. The complete
transformation of society (at least outwardly),
took place in less than a hundred years.

But the Japanese never got beyond their killing
ways. Their treatment of the Chinese during the 
war of the thirties, (and other people later), 
speaks of a nation not merely racist, but 
xenophobic towards the rest of the world to the
greatest degree. No other modern nation on earth
has suicide embedded in their culture as Japan.
The industry they created, the arts they embodied
are surface embellishments on their warrior, 
barbaric true nature. It's as if they were Nouveau
Riche, claiming more sophistication than was 
actually warranted.

The West should have left Japan alone. Once they
had the weaponry, imperialism was the next logical
step on their path. Because of their inflated sense 
of themselves as a people, they had no problem
with treating their conquered with inhuman
barbarity. Like Germany, they didn't have the
experience of hundreds of years of subjugating
others as did  England, and, by example, it's
child the USA. But  Japan knew once the United
States stopped  providing them with raw materials,
that they would  have to confront them, sooner or
later. The United States might well have stayed
out of World War Two for more years, allowing their
rivals to weaken further, until they actually had the
atomic bomb, except for Pearl Harbor.

Japan was doomed because its resources, (oil from
Indonesia a prime example) were so far flung. The
USA had all the resources it needed at home, with 
two oceans giving them breathing room to develop 
them. The greatest fear of American power was 
German technology, which is why the Manhattan 
Project became so urgent.

Japans loss of the war, not only defeated them 
militarily and destroyed much of the country, but it
also killed their spirit. Japan, as a nation, is in
suicide mode. The denial of Fukushima is
embedded in the society itself. even before the
tragedy that took place. The government knew
for years that precautions  against a tsunami were
inadequate. Stone stele in the mountains hundreds
of years old warned of building there.

Perhaps Japan today is a replay of the story of the
forty seven ronin, Samurai loyal to their master who
avenged his death at the certainty of their own. The
disaster of Fukushima, the lack of asking for 
assistance from the rest of the world to solve the 
problem, the continuous streaming of death into
the ocean, the laws prohibiting the media from
reporting on the problem all point to a suicidal/
homicidal attitude.....a barbaric tendency of the
Japanese mind that has been the case throughout
its history, culminating in its own demise and
its revenge on the planet.


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