Sunday, March 20, 2016

Imperium Of Time

Reaching the end of this life maze,
(unity of time and space),
on the balcony, Sunday,
in Mexico, I find myself again
having negotiated that continuum
in flesh body for this phase
of fulfilling my vow.

Survived the exegesis of 
growing up a man, 
in spite of admonitions
not to be the way I am.

Had to get around the detours,
sidetracks, the mass of
stupidity all around me,
the numbed dumb graspers
of invisible brass rings on the
carousel circling constantly
going nowhere.

I knew what I was looking for
only when I found it, then there
was no alternative, no turning 
back, no other course of action,
like smelling food and knowing
it is good and healthy.

So, now I wait in repose, not 
knowing exactly the end to this
charade, but confident of applause
when the curtain comes down, if
only my own dead hands.

And the next life, the next portion
of the maze?

That time, that dimension is already
made, constructed by this life. It only 
remains to be seen what body takes 
place, and how it all shakes out.

I know this because I was given a
secret message by the master of the
Imperium of time, who told me:
"We will make time." which no one
but myself could understand.

There will be more lives, more careers,
more plot arcs, more tears and joys, How
could there not be? Otherwise, this life is
just a one-off miracle, such an absurd 
notion, as are the ideas of Eternal Heaven,
Eternal Hell: "Better get it right, folks, 
'cause you only get one chance at life!"

I would gladly make them martyrs.
If God is love, why do you kill each other?
Is there need for arguement about this 
point? If karma isn't true, why do people
get born where they do? Is it random?
Does that mean that God, the creator,
is, really, chaos?

I have time for silly reflections such as
these. having finally, for this life, escaped
from the Truth, simply sipping coffee,
feeling my body age to inevitable conclusion,
knowing, not that I am right and have all the 
answers, oh no! Knowing, rather, that I am
simply here for now.


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