Tuesday, March 15, 2016

American Nazism

The history of civilizations, since Rome
and before, has been grounded in 
imperialism. Germany, a newly unified 
country in the latter part of the Nineteen 
century, thought it was strong enough 
to beat England and the West, even 
though England had hundreds of years 
of imperialism under it's belt and a 
commonwealth (at that time colonies),
that supported it. How wrong they were.
Between the world wars, (and here the 
parallel with the United States begins)
Germany was a defeated country with
many enemies that bled her dry with
sanctions and reparations. And Germany's
people were also beaten, diminished.
No wonder Hitler could arise when 
Germany had so many to blame for its
misfortune! The path for the USA to power
was very different. Many US citizens were 
convinced that their country's involvement
in the world wars was to save the world
from evil repression. Little did they see that
the USA waited in the wings, in both wars,
until their rivals had beaten each other to 
bloody pulps before they entered the battle
and took credit for the victory. Most Americans
didn't recognize USA imperialism until the 
Vietnam war. Then, the public galvanized and
contributed greatly to that war's end. The true
power in America, (and before it in Europe, the
banksters and the great businesses) realized
they couldn't count on the submission of its
populace, because it hadn't faced the hardship 
of war on it's own soil. So, instead of aggression 
towards and in the name of it's people, it took
the "wisdom" of Goebbels and created a 
brainwashed society, enacted by control of 
media, entertainment, and, more and more,

So, now you don't have brown shirts disrupting 
communist rallies. Now you have organized,
"politically correct" college students starting to 
do the same thing!  American power doesn't 
want or need a dictator as a frontman. But its
problem is still that it's not in control of its own
people, because its people have never been 
defeated!  They've tried to defeat Trump by
destroying him in the media, but it has failed.
All they have left is violence, which we saw a 
glimpse of in Chicago, but that seems to be 
just a taste of what's in store. Don't forget the
FEMA camps and the coffins stored in forests
in the South are already in place. If the 
American people won't go willingly to their 
demise, power will do whatever is necessary 
to maintain itself, as it always does. If Trump
is the only real standard bearer for the American
people, heaven help him. They'll get rid of him,
when it comes to that, just like slapping a 


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