Sunday, February 7, 2016

Not Enough Pulp For The Fiction

"Gwyneth Paltrow loves riding her bicycle."
Who cares?!
The tabloids stretch their stories, thinking
any story with a famous name attached
will be consumed by the throngs of
marching morons...and they are right.

"Milton Berle's cousin gets hit in the head."
...a line from a Bukowski story that points 
out this phenomena.

Distraction from one's existence seems
to be the name of the game. Most people
don't realize even that they have their own
lives, or, do and want to forget about it.

How terribly sad. That's why Neruda wrote:
"Still, it would be lovely to wave a cut lily
and panic a notary, or, finish a nun with a
left to the ear." He was tired of "things".

But even the tabloids are in a panic because
there's not enough going on for that brief fix
of excitement to derail minds from their dull
throbbing mental confetti of confusion.
That's why the T.V is always on.


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