Monday, January 18, 2016

What's God Got To Do With It?

I live behind a Mexican Catholic church.
Their patron Saint is Saint Sebastian....
depicted as a guy tied up on a pole, 
pierced by a dozen or so arrows. It would
seem he had it even worse than Jesus,
though, I don't know if he gets more points
for that. 

They're having a benefit concert for the 
church, a kind of dance party, charging
a decent fee. It's preceded, like everything
Mexican church, with lots of loud explosions,
ariel bombs. They placed fifteen feet high
slats in front of the iron fence, so that folks
couldn't watch the show from the street.
Why, I have no idea. If they'd blocked out 
the sound, that would have been great, 
because that would mean I'd be able to get
some sleep tonight. As long as I can hear 
the music, I'll be dancing in the street, 
because, unless they have strippers, I don't
really care what the band looks like. I really
don't understand how having the slats up is
going to entice more people to pay the fee
and come into the church grounds. Maybe
they reason, like all things church, that, if it
seems somehow forbidden, more people
will be tempted to do it...which, to me, seems
to go against the basic principles of church,
but also means that they are fully aware of 
the business that they are in. And what any 
of this has has to do with God in the first
place is beyond me. 


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