Friday, January 8, 2016

What Do I Have To Do To Get Your Attention?

Surely, (don't call me that) it wouldn't 
last long...I mean, my God; twitter, 
tweet, boop bop beep. Politically
correct? You have to understand 
what some one's actually saying, 
which has nuance, slang, flavor, 
idiom, without which language 
just devolves into Newspeak...
no thank you!  Body language!
Yes! That includes the finger!
That's the only way I can tell if
a driver is from New York City!
When they execute me, I'm not
going to say: "Well, that's not what
I would have done..." No, baby,
they get the finger! It's so much more
susphincter! Wake up, ya morons!
You're not "mentally challenged"!
Saying that makes you look stupid!
No wonder comedians won't play at
colleges! No fucking sense of humor!
Maybe that goes along with not 
getting a real education! George
Carlin said he never got sick because
he swam in a polluted river!
You don't "evolve" into something
that's not real! Take the plastic off!
Pick your nose in front of a crowd!
The ones that don't turn away are
your friends! Real people! There!
I've said too much!


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