Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Two Buddhists Walk Into A Bar

Two old guys walk into a bar,
Rab, and Jirt. They sit at a table
and order drinks. Jirt says to Rab:
"What do you want to talk about?"
Rab replies: "Nothing." So they 
drink their drinks at slow normal 
speed, not speaking. Every few
minutes, one of them laughs, 
which provokes a laugh out of 
the other one. Neither of them
has spoken. They work their
way through two or three drinks 
like this. It's a quiet bar, so a few 
people notice this odd behavior.
The bartender, a gregarious sort,
finds it particularly unnerving. He 
goes over to them when he's 
having a lull in the serving. He 
speaks to them:

"I notice that you guys aren't 
talking to each other, but every
once in a while, one of you laughs, 
and then the other does. Do you 
mind if I ask, what's that all about?"

Jirt responds: "We're having a 
conversation about nothing."

The bartender, Bill, says: "But, 
neither of you has said a word."

Rab says: "What part of nothing
don't you understand?"


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