Friday, January 15, 2016

Star Wars

Went to the movie with my two Jew Buds
B. and L., I Max theatre in Cuernavaca.
After we bought tickets for the next show 
in two hours, we took a chance and walked
into the first restaurant we came to, Chinese
in menu, and had a really nice meal. Before
I ate, I took some Ecstasy, and had some 
quite decent ribs...L. too...B went for the 
chicken. B. and I went outside before the 
movie, where he got stoned and I was just
coming on after the ribs. L. was the straight
man. We sat down for the movie and had to 
endure damned commercials too long...but
B. dug them. Then there were four previews
of new movies, all based on comic books. 
I kept leaning over to B. with the comment 
"small screen", because they were just too 
much. The movie started and then I'm not 
sure what happened. I have lazy eye and 
am used to seeing reality in 2-D, but we had
these 3-D glasses, which I put over my glasses,
which were a little difficult to manipulate, and,
because the action was so fast and furious
and f'ing HUGE, it was all a bit overwhelming.
The film was well wrought, with usual plot
predictability, but seeing some of the original
characters back in action after 30 years was
entertaining. It seems like ecstasy is not a
great drug to watch a movie on. I felt mellow
for sure...but B. was giggling his ass off in
stoned goofiness, so, he seemed to have the
best time  L. kept nudging me from time to time
to accent the action, but I never could be sure 
what he was referring to. For me, the drug was 
somewhat wasted in the context. But we all felt 
very amenable, and got home just fine, but I 
probably would have had a much better time just
sitting around with the dudes and talking. It was 
the first movie I'd seen on the big screen in a long 
time and I  Max, no less. I know the movies these 
days just seem to get intenser and intenser and 
have to be, I guess, for the public's jadedness 
factor, but, for me, it was just a bit too much.


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