Sunday, December 13, 2015

Alas, Babylon

We live in Babylon World
as the tower crumbles in 
slow motion around us.

The tower of "Great Society".
The tower of "Brave New World".
The oxymoron tower of "New 
World Order".

The hope of the Renaissance
has fallen.
The hope of the Industrial 
Revolution has fallen.
The hope of the Twentieth
Century has fallen.
The hope of Scientific
Materialism has fallen.

The Great Order is a great
The USA gets to be the leader
of the world's demise by default,
because it was so successful.

Mark Twain wrote: "It is no wonder
the truth is stranger than fiction.
Fiction has to make sense."

We babble to ourselves because
we can't speak to each other.
We babble because we don't see
each other.

Political correctness means there's
plenty of discriminalization 
for everyone.

We are the same, the way soap box
orators are the same.

Suits and ties can barely contain
the homelessness inside.

A Coke machine releases a
stick of dynamite.
A wolf bursts into flame.


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