Wednesday, December 23, 2015


"May you live in interesting times." 

(ancient Chinese curse.)


All of history, all of philosophy, all learning
all art, all music, every photo, every movie,
every conversation ever recorded...
the sum of every library, museum, gallery
news stand....
is all available at the touch of a button.


There has never been such rapid change
in the history of mankind:
the exponential increase of information,
the exponential increase of population,
the exponential dying off of species,
the exponential pollution of the earth,
the exponential pressurization of society.


There's an algorithm going on here, and,
it's reaching it's conclusion. The Maya
were only off a couple of years, and
Fukushima happened before 2012.

Most humans don't care about these things.
Most humans are happy with a nice meal,
getting laid, watching their team win...or,
more and more,
they're happy to get back from the mall in one
piece, happy they  can find some bread to eat,
water to drink that doesn't burn when you hold 
a match to it. The world is running low 
on Casablancas. 

Weaker species just die off. Humans are 
resilient, just stupid. We were in trouble
ever since self awareness; the curse of the
apple that banned us from the Eden that 
was already everywhere around. Humans
saw themselves as separate from everything
else. Multiply that by seven billion and you
begin to see the problem. The Bruce Jenner
remake is the poster child for the fallacy of
misplaced concreteness. "Woman" of the year?
The imagination stretches and breaks...anything
can be anything. It makes the Buddhist point
that reality is illusion. 


Human progress has been an oxymoron since,
at least, 2500 B.C..

The human world is a gigantic pimple
that's coming to a head....sorry, folks,
it's just that simple....neocon game
notwithstanding. Occam's razor says
it all. "Things become very clear when
you're cornered." (Chogyam Trungpa)


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