Monday, September 7, 2015

George Orwell Wakes Up

In Brooklyn...2015. He has
no idea where he is or how
he got there, but, something
is strangely familiar. There is
a person there...androgynous,
who helps him to a chair in 
front of a screen. "Where am 
I?" he says. The being says 
nothing but there is a smile 
on aer's face. The screen lights
up. The being has a small 
impliment that has buttons on it.
The being shows him how to
change the image on the screen
by pressing various buttons. For
not a few minutes, George is 
caught up with looking at the 
images on the screen, pressing
the buttons. He turns to aer and
asks. "What's your name?"

"I have walked along the sands,
taking fingerprints."

"Doesn't answer my question, 
does it?"

"The question is the answer."

"Fine, well, since we're the same
mind, would you mind bringing
some clarity into this for the folks?"

"You set me up again...since we 
are the same mind, I guess that's 
why I/we have a sense of humor,
like, you don't have to be crazy to
be alive, but, what's for dinner?"

George leans back in his chair,
starts smoking a words
are spoken for a rich moment.
"What are you going to do with me?"

Aer says:  "We don't do, we be..."
and a chorus of celestial yet real
beings manifests in the sky...why not?


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