Monday, July 9, 2012


That’s a big word today…

from the cosmetics, the regimes,

the surgery, the Super Heros,

the diets, the yogic enterprises,

the fasts, the sweat lodges….

all for what?

Not being comfortable in your

own skin, I would imagine.

Being too much a part of an

artificial world, I guess…

Not able or wanting to be open

and honest, it looks like….

Transformation is over

a lifetime…which seems a

long time until it’s almost over.

And, if you didn’t do it before,

it’s too late by then.

When I was young, I never

thought change was possible…

after forty years of meditation

I realized it’s not only possible,

but likely…eventually.

Sorry…no quick fix…you gotta

put in the time, do the work…

and….it hurts….the ego suffers….

…but ego is the only disease

work curing…a sight

for Thor eyes.


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