Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Poet: Thomas Liphard**


Constantly looking for the
waiting might as well relax
waiting for the
the shoe
the shoe two dollop three
dollop four dollop five
coming out of a methorexate
down listening to the desolate
screaming howl
that spoke of unending
deserts of lonely
particles of dna strands that
line the streets in search of
my self It must have
fallen down the well again
the stupid fucking thing
the mangey old dog have
you seen it
can't walk he is
dying to howl it fell
somewhere far from the
other place my self ish gonetoday
here tomorrow all day
waiting for the shoe
the shoe
the shoe two dollop
three dollop four it could
make a comeback stranger
things have happened it's
still fucking gone constantly
looking for the waiting for
the shoe two dollop

* gate (GA- in the Heart Sutra, meaning: "Gone")

Thomas Liphard: multi-versatile artist and teacher, my dear friend, Thomas,
(don't call him Tom, 'cause his mother did) Liphard, just got sight in one of
his eyes for the first time at 60. He was a one eyed artist his whole life.
Now, his mind is completely blown


At March 31, 2013 at 10:47 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

sure thomas!


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