Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beefheart Poem #2

“Give up cannibal meat dream
learn to breathe, sip wine…”
don’t loose poem in computer like
I just did…yeah, ya can get it down fast
but ya can loose it easy…wanted to
shoot my apple with a shotgun, instead
another shot of gin…I hate loosing one,
can’t re-create, never the same moment…
it’s no-brainer quantum physics…
so, now this clone will go on, for a while,
like a clown without a punch line…

(cornball highballing it through low-tech space
of taco stands, soccer moms,
Flockhearts in Wonderland,
whatever cliché he runs into or over is collateral
damage of the Truth:  the junk yard dog, the man
behind the wall, the flower, the disaster, the cloud,
the blood, the mirror you ignored yesterday.)


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