Thursday, October 6, 2011

They Know (A Fantasy)

The gutting of the US economy with no response
from the justice system… two wars that Obama
said he would stop still going on after four years….
2.3 TRILLIONS of dollars lost in those wars.…
for ten years the building of underground cities
across the USA….

The truth is where? Hysteria, fear and panic
promoted by media…information, dis-information,
misinformation blended into a confection of
confusion desensitizing the public to the truth.

If one looks at these phenomena coldly, one comes
to the conclusion that what seems to be happening
in the world is shrouded, hidden. No one’s
trying to save the world economy…in fact, power
is doing everything it can to steal as much as it can…
right now! And no one in power cares what
ordinary people think about it.

This smells of an end game. It’s no secret that the Illuminati
want to eliminate about 5 billion people. The strategy?
Hope that the prediction by scientists of a world destroying
solar flare happens in 2012, keep the people you
want safe underground, and let nature take care of
the problem.

A fantasy? Maybe…but simple logic and observation
show that people in power are acting as if
it could very well be true. Clinton got impeached
over a blow job. Bush did not get impeached although he
allowed torture. There are no standards anymore…
there is no truth that people can see or follow.
It’s a side show where the Carnies take the Rube’s gold
and flee town knowing that soon the town will be ablaze.

(In Huck Finn, by Twain, it's called: "The Royal Nonsuch")


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