Friday, July 10, 2009

Subversive Rant

Honesty and straightforwardness are gone...
there's no money in it....what made the USA
great is lasted nearly two centuries 
against the onslaught of base mind, but, it's 
over now...even Obama. assuming he's decent, 
has no chance against the corruption of
spirit now taking place....he's a Black Wash..
a made Uncle Tom...too much fear? Give them 
a little hope and pull that rug out from under 
them to show them who's're all fools to
believe that anyone in power cares what happens 
to the common man...forming small, self-sustaining 
communities in out of the way places 
seems the only recourse to the tsunami of 
evil in the current world.....the experts, the 
intellectuals, the best and brightest are either 
employed by or marginalized by brilliant evil 
in Brooks Brothers suits.....the rest are dumbed 
down into cattle.....exactly as Orwell predicted...
exactly as Huxley.....any type of organized
protest is impossible, or nearly...the electronic 
eye is all bet China and the others 
are learning from the USA how to do it right....
explore the internet...find out for yourself...
stand in a supermarket and observe the people
for half an hour...look at their faces and tell me
they're not hypnotized...most of them...there's
not much time, I tell you...not much time left
before you find yourself in a line that has nothing
to do with I a lunatic? No, but
I grew up with some...casualties of the cold, 
psychological war waged on Americans as the 
Poster Country for the New World Order...wake up...
wake up....everything you think is wrong, 
not your own've been had...the billion
dollar ponzi schemes are just a symptom of the
naivete you all are loyalty to any country
or belief.... sauve qui peut. 


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