Monday, August 7, 2017

Guest Poet: Michael White

the children of Rimbaud
assume the duty 
to unleash rhetoric bombs
that explode the myths
of greed and possessiveness
and narrow-minded prejudice 
with the minstrel candor
and prophetic honesty
singing in the blood
to the drum beat of the heart
about redemption
from the diseases of society
and the unsung suffering
of those outside the law
sneered at
then revered
in the ocean of time
with mind romps
                        metaphoric jumps
                                     lyrical laments
                                                and cynical openness  
to the rain of inspiration
of tender paranoid recognition
of the new plague years
run rampant
leaving it to the poet 
filled with venom and wonder
to open the veins
and spill out the truth


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