Wednesday, July 12, 2017

War Crimes

The obvious redundancy in that term should be
considered humorous, except that it is taken as
truth: that as horrible as war is, there are acts 
against humanity beyond organized slaughter. The 
same holds true as euphemism in professional 
football in the term "unnecessary roughness"; 
brutality  beyond the garden variety. Who doesn't 
see war itself as a crime other than its
perpetrators, benefactors and beneficiaries?

The MSM is telling it like it isn't, and few are willing
to tell it like it is. Common sense is obfuscated by
trivial entertainment and meaningless public soap
opera. The war is for your minds and bodies.
Wasn't  it Liddy that said:"If you've got them by the
balls, their hearts and minds will follow"? If you kill
the head,  the body will fall, say the boxers. Orwell,
Huxley,  Leary, Alpert, Trungpa, Twain, McKenna
all beacons  of the truth of the world today. Tell me
why more don't see it.


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