Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Knot Of Eternity

I wear a beaded necklace made by 
Huichol indians. On it is a Buddhist 
symbol, the knot of eternity. It is a 
knot that weaves endlessly into itself, 
mimicking the cycling of existence. 
I asked the indians if they knew that it 
was a Buddhist symbol. They said they 
knew, and that they were Buddhists. I'll 
take their word for it. Eternity: matter 
and  energy in endless dance.

The Jews wore the Star of David so 
they could be easily identified for the 
roundup. I wonder if that star was the 
same one the wise men saw that led 
them to Jesus? Might as well could have 
been. I wear the knot to be easily 
identified  as a Buddhist, for several 
reasons. One is that someone might
notice it, and then we might get into a 
conversation about Buddhism. 

The other reason is I want to be ready 
when the NWO takes over. Let's face it, 
we're all identified and tagged already 
by the internet. I've heard that "they" are 
putting colored dots on mail boxes, so that 
when martial law occurs they know which 
people to eliminate or intern. Maybe we'll 
all get symbols to wear eventually. So, 
when they see me, I hope the dialogue goes
something like this:

"Look, he's a Buddhist."

"What do we do with them?"

"I'm not sure."

If I can make them pause for a second, 
I might stand a chance.


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