Sunday, July 30, 2017

Self Secret Sanctuary City

Out of the spotlight, limelight, out from under
the microscope in a corner of the world standing by
for next flare-up of terrorism-earthquake-radiation-
war watching on my computer/crystal ball the ebb 
and flow of events even ever leading inevitably as 
the  seers said because they saw clearly when we 
can't even see clearly what's happening right now
tho information pervades the electronosphere; so 
better to not get too.....anything....about it because 
even  the air you breathe is affecting the way you 
think (radiation) let alone what you hear and see.


Sanctuary in sense of sacred because not too 
noticed (hidden in plain sight) surrounded by 
like-magic distracting attention like illusion of Circe.

Circe City circa  2017

"Hurry up please, it's time." Last call at the peyote
bar. Patrons don their feathers and bells preparing
to enter the fairy tale night. Bonfires have been lit 
at various places in the street...flickering shadows...
music of drums and flute...dancers with fire sticks
in long swirling's been this way forever.
At least, that's how it feels at this moment...pretty


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