Friday, July 14, 2017

July 14, 2017

Started after a good sleep...met a new friend, 
Marc for coffee. Marc an artist and his Polish 
girlfriend new to Tepoztlan. Typical post 911 
intelligent young adult: a bit confused and 
looking for Utopia. A seeker for sure. Then, 
Sombre de Sabina and Juan Blanco, Bill, 
and Evelyn for old people rants and ravings 
over brunch. We always talk about the same 
things...but, what else is there to talk about? 
Volumes written about the Decline of the
West and still no end in sight! Enough already! 
So, we have our little fun and eat our nice 
meals while we speak about how corrupt
Mexico is, how crazy Gringolandia is 
becoming, in a beautiful outdoor gardeny 
setting. Perfect.

So far, so good. What's next? As the zen 
monk said:  "There's nothing next! This is it!" 
I should have known. But, I started, as we all 
do in media res, "in the  middle of things" and 
had to play catch up like everybody else. I 
suspected nobody much knew what was going 
on from the time I was very young, and that
was only reinforced and confirmed over the
years. Poets know what's going down, but
sometimes they have a hard time putting it into
words others will understand. Anyone who is
curious and looks into the nature of reality has
the ability to understand, simply, their experience.
But,  since pain is real, many get addicted to
trying to get rid of it via methods as diverse and 
seemingly contradictory as drugs, religion and
meditation. This is the default setting in which
most people live their lives. 

Why are some people curious about life, while 
others are not? Some people only become 
curious after some traumatic incident, such as
surviving a plane crash. Some, like me, were
curious from the start. Some never are. Even
scientists, living as they do on assumptions, you
wouldn't necessarily say are curious. Otherwise,
when a new, plausible explanation or theorem
arose, it would be more readily accepted, 
instead of being blocked and thwarted by 
tenured academics. Intelligence is not the same
as wisdom. Sure, we put a man on the moon, 
but what for, really? Simply because we could?
Seems so, aside from national political agendas.
Same answer, seems to me, as to why Truman
decided to drop the atom bomb.


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