Saturday, July 22, 2017

Crusofied 2017

Just no internet for a couple of days and 
realizing how much time I spend on it 
every day as extention of mind into world 
and now, cut off, how much smaller quickly 
it gets...sure, plenty of people fill these
streets with lives, but it's not as if 
they have anything to say just trundling 
along as they do from taco to taco in 
Mexico... (something else in the other 
someones' somewhere elses...), the internet, the hive mind makes 
us feel connected even though we're not,
alone on a beach or in a crowd leaving  
from work makes no difference 
alone with the monkey mind looking 
for the lost banana.You can paint a face 
on a coconut, and, for some, it's as good 
as a relationship. Text all day and it feels 
about the same.


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