Thursday, June 22, 2017

Universe Outside My Window

Look out the window, and I see
stars! I'm looking at the stars! So
what if I can't see them very well
there they are! Maybe it's just that 
my eyes are bad ok all of ours!
Telescopes first step to being there
with all the senses, or, we could 
just send a monkey! Maybe...

I think life will be familiar wherever
in the universe no stranger than here
on earth have you ever seem a blob 

(The Blob...nightmare/worst fear/ a mass
of amorphous goo capable of digestion/
you won't find it listed as blue plate special/
little kids' fear that the unknown could just
eat you up)

Meanwhile outside my window everything
else in the universe was happening oh my
goodness what a caution!.

Yeah, most of it's going on out there, not to
belittle my contribution to humanity: 
a snowflake on a burning stove.


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