Monday, June 19, 2017

For All The Marbles

Stealthily approaching crucifier
Calvary didn't end with Jesus
Nazis and Isis created by the West:
industrial war, population reduction,
extermination, euthanasia, social many words convey. 

I had not thought death 
had undone so many.

Playing for keeps. 

Hang on to your keepsakes, they'll
do you little good...even the world 
I grew up in seems ancient history.

Bigwig atrocities, friendless kings,
leaders that lead by power point,
not example.

I'm not complaining...I feel free
of shackles of mind control
of social media morass
of herd mentality, sheeple society,
that drive USA  folks like lemmings.

Take LSD, go for a walk, talk to a 
stranger, make love to your landlady, 
blow bubbles in a bus  station, dance
in the streets, finish a nun with a left
to the ear, get weird because you
actually are one too molded for your
own good. The sleeper must awaken,
the shell broken, sure, it's bright when
the lights turn on at first, but this really
is your world.


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