Thursday, June 22, 2017

Domination Of The Arcs

Where do we start, and,
then what happens?
A plot arcs in a movie
or novel; the course of
events has a pattern.
Our lives arc the way a
milkweed blossom floats
on the wind and alights.
Civilizations rise and fall
like the landscape..

More realistic to see life as
process or pattern than a 
solid piece of furniture we
sit on all our days. "I am
a verb" as Fuller said.

Our lives ruled by patterns
predictable, sane, rational,
getting us through the day, 
our years....

or free spirited and spontaneous
we go, not sure ourselves what 
we'll do next; an acquired taste 
of freedom gained through 
shedding useless habitual 
masks behind which we hide 
from the world and our true nature.

We know what path we're on, what
direction we're heading if we're 
honest with ourselves. If not, the
Blob of unconscious tendencies
absorbs us, the Godzilla of self
destruction decimates, King Kong
of ego shakes his fist from the
skyscraper to no avail. 


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