Tuesday, May 2, 2017

White Rabbit

Trungpa saw a black rabbit
in car headlights, but it kept
eluding them...appearing and
disappearing. "Why is that
rabbit so important?" VCTR
said: "That's Tilopa."

Cut to Orson Wells in "The 
Third Man" talking about
cuckoo clocks and chocolate...

Cut to app. appearing on cell
phone that lets you create
virtual anything anyone and
you believe it's real, or, worse,
you become it and don't know it.

Cut to bankers jumping out windows,
latest bo-tox disaster,
balloon clown at child's birthday,
in the paper next day,

Cut to coffins in the woods...why are 
there so many conspiracy theories?
Because so much of the truth 
has been hidden. "Where there's 
smoke there's fire." It's just simple,
common sense
that we are in
that rabbit hole. 


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