Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Speed Of Time

Time is measurement of events
unfolding. We see time speed up or
slow down in accordance with the
speed the film is projected. As we age,
we seem to experience time moving 
more quickly than when we were young.
What are premonition or deja vu except
glitches in the matrix of time?

We experience the "movement" of time
through our senses. Time is a conceptual 
construct that arises due to the seeming
continuity of experience. Both Akira 
Kurosawa and Thinley Norbu have clearly
pointed out that people don't see the same
phenomenon in the same way. The speed 
of time is a relative phenomenon based on
perception, therefore the speed of light 
cannot be an absolute constant. It can only
be an event horizon.

Newtonian physics had its limitations 
describing natural must quantum
physics since both are limited by translating
perception into language. Communication 
between humans is only 100% efficient if
it is direct, immediate, and without words.


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