Monday, March 20, 2017

Midnight Blue

glittery flavoring of a gone world
gland swindler beefcake Arnold
a bellyful of creepcakes...crazy
dynasty finally freed, no more
marble logic! /anyways, junkyard
hogwash, pulse of a generation's
blistered carcass, bloodsport of
going to Target Sale...everybody
wants a piece of americana...Save
the Phantom!

Clairvoyant golden warrior! 
Bareknuckle Protean Diamondhead!
Primitive noir clubfoot! 
Brave agonizing Kachina!
Where art thou?

Civilization served as imitation!
Who can be the best 
at being the same?

Flinch with gladness, humanlike!
Life is trying to get to you!
You heart doesn't just mean meat!
It already has a reason!


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