Saturday, March 25, 2017

How To Be A Poet

 Give up on accomplishing 
anything in life...for starters.
Expose yourself to the world,
let the world get inside you.
You have to love language
because words are the 
doorway to the truth, and truth
in whatever form is the poet's

Drink, take drugs, enjoy ecstasy:
as Wallace Stevens wrote; "The
eccentric is the basis of design."
Besides, straight people are the
problem, their own and others 
worst enemy...they will always
be afraid of you. 

It's not your fault that you're a poet
if you can't help but write. It's like
being gay or something. 

Once it's written, it's no longer yours.
If you write something great, don't 
think it's because you're a great writer.
The writing only happens when you're
not there.

Poetry is the music of your mind...poetry
is like walking on water...poetry is proof
of life, written when there's nothing left
to lose....poetry made even Gregory Corso
seem beautiful. The Beats didn't write 
for fame or money...they just couldn't 
help themselves.

Poetry, music, art...the only things on this
planet worth saving. Humans need them 
like oxygen. What endeavor, what thought, 
could be more important than joy of life?


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