Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two Michaels And A Lemont

Three gentlemen, two Michaels and
a Lamont interviewed me recently for
a biography they are working on of Keith
Dowman, renown translator and teacher
of radical Dzogchen. Keith and I have 
gotten to know each other over the last 
few years, and they wanted to know how 
he became my teacher and friend.

I'm old now, and, like most older people,
getting more set in my ways. Getting 
even a corner of my house presentable 
for guests is somewhat a challenge. 
I'd never been interviewed before by 
strangers and been expected to tell them 
intimate details of my life...which was a
rather ticklish blind date. I'm notorious to
myself for making bad first impressions, 
so, after the interview, I had no idea how
it had gone. I felt like I had bonded with 
them from my side because I was open 
with them, but had no sense of how they
felt about it. I knew they were there solely
to get information, not to become friends, 
but the experience left me feeling a bit

Don't get me wrong, they were perfectly
nice gentlemen. One of the Michaels had
been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for
many years, and knew many of the people
I had known from Chogyam Trungpa's
sangha, as well as the poets and writers
that had been around at that here
was a long lost brother, in a way, that I had
never met before. Maybe it was romantic
nostalgia I was feeling for a magical time
that was past and that I would never see


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