Friday, February 3, 2017

The Work

Burroughs wrote about the job,
which was to free oneself from
conditioning, however it had
come about. For me, work was
what I had to do, not what I loved.
For me, plumbing was work, and
the great thing about it was I knew
when it was over for the day. The
great thing about it was taking s
shower and putting on clean clothes
which automatically made me forget
about how the day had gone. And,
a great thing about it was I knew I
could make a living. Burroughs used
the word "job" as a euphemism for
what was the real "work", life's work,
the task at hand, self liberation from
the prison of one's thoughts and 
opinions, beliefs and fantasies, the only
real "work" that needs to be done.


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