Friday, February 17, 2017

The Paradox of Meditation

Meditation is a discipline, and,
like all disciplines, it's most
difficult in the beginning. Many
people who try to meditate get
discouraged quickly. They have 
heard of the benefits of meditation,
peace of mind, calmness, whatever
positive beneficial potential it might
have. But the fact of meditation, 
which is basically doing nothing with
bare attention, at first, causes a freak
out of the mind that is constantly active
and trying to sort out experience through
thinking. The boredom of simply
acknowledging the thinking process
and coming back to awareness of the 
breath can't hold a candle to the 
entertainment that the mind can provide,
as it is programmed to be busy and 
constantly distracted. This is why you 
hear many people say: "Oh, I can't 
meditate...I have too many thoughts."
These folks don't realize that seeing that
the mind is constantly churning is the
first great revelation of meditation! If one
continues with the practice of mediation,
as the discipline begins to sink in, one
begins to discover that there is relief and
a feeling of wholesomeness when one
comes back from the reactionary mind
and finds oneself simply there.


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