Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Golden Age Of Man

The golden age of man was about 2500
years ago. At that time, some of the 
greatest minds in human history existed
around the world: Buddha, the founder of 
Jainism, Zoroaster, Archimedes, Confucius,
were all of this era. Buddha said that after
his death, his teachings would survive, but
gradually decline. He said that every five 
hundred years after his death, his teachings 
would be twice as hard to hear and practice.
The notion that science, through A.I. 
interfacing with humans, is the next step in
evolution, is merely another form of spiritual
materialism. It's not enough for intelligence
to advance in order for humans to evolve.
The unfathomable mind itself, synonymous
to the universe, has to be trained to it's full 
potential. The path to do this has been
practiced and authentically maintained
for the past 2500 years.


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