Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The End Of The World

The world was supposed to
end yesterday, but they're always
saying that....bunch of wishful
thinkers if you ask me. It's not
that that's a bad idea....we're 
due for a reset, and humans 
have proven, so far, that if a
meteor or asteroid doesn't do us
in, we'll probably do it to 
ourselves. A world slip-sliding 
into chaos doesn't seem to be
a bad thing to be rid of...think 
of all the human suffering that 
would be avoided. Our world is
a small world in the backwater
of one galaxy...insignificant if it
wasn't for some of it's art. This
time has been predicted by all
religions and all cultures. They
can't all be wrong. No escaping 
fate, so, if you're one of those 
that believes we only live one 
life, you'd better get busy while 
there's still time. 


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