Thursday, February 9, 2017

Note To A Friend

"Free yourself from chains of thought."....
that just popped up in the old cabesa....
love the way Celine punctuated with 
dot dot dot and exclamation points...
full stop only at the end of time...ah, yes, 
time and travel...time travel it all is, Yoda.
The fourth dimension...antithesis of ever 
finding a home that stays in one place or 
always the same and secure. As Jack said: 
"we just numbly don't get there." So, Beats 
in the streets living their lives everywhere. 
Of course, somebody's got to keep flipping 
burgers or the house of cards comes down...
couldn't we all just take turns so that everyone 
can experience a hint of freedom? Indians 
have vision quest: "Get the hell out and go 
find yourself." and they did and do. We hit 
the ground running in media res and there's 
barely enough time to tie our shoes before 
we start tripping over our own feet. There's 
gotta be a better way, and is, we know. 
That's where the buck stops for now.


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