Sunday, February 5, 2017

Letter to a new friend

Nice dharma. Yes, well, ahem, you been down here and 
met nice people so, you might think of escaping
the land of plenty (of stuff, good and bad) and 
live with us simple folk, more earthbound than 
Disney landed, where, just today, I just started 
to talk to an old lady and found her to be slightly 
fascinating, and the conversation ensued without 
least hesitation and that's what you get not 
around bubble people, hermetically sealed in their
hermit visions like unopened jelly. Ah, the South, 
still angry, still apartheid in spirit...I'm shocked as 
an old black man steps off the sidewalk because 
he doesn't want to get in my way. And the time in 
the supply house when I ran into the black muslim 
boxer plumber I knew and gave him a hug in front 
of the white man behind the counter and I didn't 
think he could look much whiter but he did when 
he saw that hug. Or, working in an old black man's 
trailer who had raised the children of a white family 
and the pride he took showing me the white children 
he had brought up, as if they were his own. But the 
moonshine was great, and the bbq was great...and...
and...that's about it. It can't be people in general, 
although, it could be if you're of my ilk, or my friend, 
Arn's. After all, misogyny is only about half the 
human race and we shouldn't forget that men are 
also stupid and  most of them could be part of the 
solution if they would be so kind as to walk
themselves into the ocean. I would gladly do that, 
if it was a a lottery for the human race to 
depopulate so humanity could survive and maybe 
we wouldn't have to throw out all the libraries as a 
waste of consciousness because humans, despite 
all their high thoughts, were too stupid to survive. 
I'm actually beginning to feel that the whole human 
race is just a batch of cookies that the aliens left in 
the oven too long because they were distract, and 
now they're trying to scrape off the burnt parts to 
see if they can salvage anything....but that's just me


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