Sunday, February 19, 2017

Labyrinth (for William Burroughs)

There are no mirrors in the labyrinth,
you have to bring your own... but there
are bus stops. One thing you notice in
the labyrinth is that many in there seem
to think they know where they are, when,
in fact, they're lost. It's probably the 
repetitious posters on the walls that give
them a sense of familiarity and stability.
Everyone knows the labyrinth has a center,
a goal, a source. That's why they're in it 
in the first place. In fact, they intuitively
have a sense of where it is...but the twists
and turns, the fascinating alcoves, the
surprise of finding oneself at a dead end,
all contribute to forgetting the point of being
there in the first place: to find the center.

The labyrinth began as someone's good 
intention...the intention turned into an idea
and the idea into a plan.Somewhere along 
the line, the intention got lost in translation
to action. Compromises were made to
accommodate practicality, but the intention,
the center, the starting point, always 
remained where it was. 

It wasn't enough to have a center...not
entertaining enough. So walls were built,
mazes made, out of sheer nervous 
boredom. Then, when the labyrinth was 
well along in construction, some individuals
took the job as guides....sold pamphlets and
tracts that claimed to explain the labyrinth,
handing them out at the entrance knowing
they wouldn't have to worry about 
dissatisfied customers...once they entered
they would never leave.

One trouble maker tried to warn people that 
were about to enter it. He told them that the 
center they were looking for was not just in was outside of it too, in fact, it
was everywhere. Some listened. Others 
were too jived by the hucksters to pay much
attention. Finally, the man was taken away 
by the soldiers, hired by the vendors, that guard 
the labyrinth.


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