Saturday, February 11, 2017

God And Linearity

God and linearity are active concepts 
that impose a structure of imprisonment
on rationality. Presupposing a supreme
authority of existence is a naturally 
limiting mental construct that ignores
experience that can't be explained
rationally, and lumps such experience
into the basket of unknowns that is 
touted as "God's will'. Similarly, the 
concept of the linearity of time imposes
a stricture on experience that asserts
that you have one shot at life, and you'd 
better be on the right side of whatever 
because eternity, which, for some reason,
only starts after death, is based on this
pitifully short accident of existence and
the future quality of our eternity is based
on our actions and beliefs of the blip in
time called our lives.

The concept of "progress" is the belief
that growth is scaleable. The USA, when
I was growing up, was imbedded in this
concept. It was a national anthem, a myth
that was a common belief and theme that
drove America for most of it's history, 
showing itself in concepts such as "manifest
destiny" and, recently in "American 
exceptionalism".  As such, it is a linear 
concept not based in reality...progress is not 
scaleable...circumstances wax and wane,
and the debt crisis will eventually be proof
that the concept of progress is just another
artifact of the hubris of rational mind.


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