Sunday, February 19, 2017

Back in the saddle

Out of my old friend, Mr. Green, for 
a few days, and it's good to take a break
from him...but he's my old friend and I
don't like living as much without him. I
graduated from alcoholism with honors,
so now I'm just a pot head Buddhist.
Sobriety is vastly overrated. It's good for
fixing a tire or sending  a man to the moon,
but it doesn't allow natural organic genius
to arise, muse like, from seeming nowhere.
Not that there aren't extraordinary humans
that shunned intoxicants....Buddha and
Trump are two of them. But humans have 
been trying to alter their consciousnesses
since the days all they could do is hit them-
selves in the heads with rocks. They found 
the good stuff long ago and have been 
using it wisely ever since.

I'm not stupid, but I'm not a goddamned
genius like at least four of the Beats. They
managed to develop a literary movement in
the streets of New York...scrapping by, in and
out of prisons and asylums, but never trapped
in Whitey World. What they did and how it's
genius is, it's a mixture of American City 
street  smarts, and neolithic sabian crypto-
shamanic poetic sybarite thuggishness.

So what I've written just there is my prayer,
if you so call it one, to those not of the beaten
track, the derailers and deregulators, because
humans are able to thrive in true anarchy, and
their true religion is to not have one, rather to 
use the senses as the true gates of knowledge, 
and wisdom and joy, which, indeed, they are.


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