Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Am I Missing Something Here?

Was I sick the day in school when
they taught the meaning of life?

I remember when I was young, 
thinking everyone knew what was
going on except me; walking 
straight ahead with purposeful, 
intent looks on their faces, not

I hadn't heard about robots yet.

I didn't realize at the time that most
people do what they do just because
that's what they've always done, and
only scramble when it doesn't work,
like insects when the rock's removed.

That feeling; that something's slightly
off, that life is somehow incomplete,
that when we reach the goal we,
irritatingly, never get anywhere, that 
change happens  whether we like it
or not.

For me, the feeling led to inquiry...
for others, it led to sports, i.e.,
the cornucopia of distraction.

I wish I knew a punchline.


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