Friday, December 9, 2016

The Megillah

Undereducated monster children cry.
Not understanding the past, they can't
see the present. They don't listen 
because they can't hear. Entrenched 
globalists will still try to take down Trump.
It feels  like when the Civil War pitted 
family members against each other. 
The agenda of the Nazi/Communist Left
in America couldn't be more clear. On
"The View" bobble-headed celebrities,
millionaire pawns, wail and gnash their
beautifully capped teeth. Even reality is
in question...where does fake news 
come from if not from the MSM liars?
Yes, if you say the lie over and over, as
in Nazi Germany, people become inured
to the truth. But, Michael Moore, most 
Americans DID vote for Trump. Most
Americans, on their farms and in their
factories, didn't buy what you were 
selling....sorry about dat...have a good
time. Things could still get ugly. But the
99% has awoken, and it will take
slaughter to put them back in their pens.


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