Sunday, December 11, 2016

Buddhist Rant #32-B

The dharmas of samsara
are failure, unsatisfactory.

Buddha's dharma, based 
on the truth, is the path,
how reality works.

The path leads unerringly
to liberation from suffering
and to awakened mind.

Once one is firmly established
on the path, even obstacles 
become opportunities for
further learning. Even death is
not the end to this path.

Expressed another way, from 
the samsaric P.O.V., life is a
dead end..."you just numbly
don't get there." (J.K.) That's
because a linear P.O.V. ...
birth-death, shot.

Buddhist P.O.V. is cyclical, and
eternal...whether you like it or 

"One lifers" actually wander 
through realms of existence, 
(not just the human), with no
understanding as to how the
whole thing works, therefore,
trapped in it, and by it and by

Buddhism says an ocean of
blood is how much you've had
in all the bodies you've lived in.

Either this statement is made up,
or it is true and based on a
greater ability to perceive than
untrained minds have.

How many times do you
wanna roll those dice?


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